Wheel Repairs

Dr Wheels provide quality wheel repair services to the Brisbane, Toowoomba, Ipswich & Gold Coast wheel and tyre industry, race teams and the general public.

Whether it’s the wheels off your car, truck, motorcycle, scooter, tractor, bobcat, mower or ATV, Dr Wheels is your go-to workshop for the very best in wheel and rim repair services in Brisbane. Our qualified team can repair any type of wheel, including alloy wheels and steel wheels. Following years of experience in the wheel repair industry, we specialise in custom rim repairs and aluminium/alloy wheel rim repairs.

Our wheel repair services in Brisbane include:

  • Bent wheels
  • Cracked wheels
  • Gutter scrape/rash
  • Missing sections rebuilt
  • Machine corroded chrome off the bead seal

At Dr Wheels, we never lose sight of what is at stake. Safety is of utmost importance in each and every wheel repair. The lives of all road users comes first, so if it’s not safe to do, then Dr Wheels won’t do it!

What is the difference between aluminium wheel rim repair and alloy wheel rim repair?

Essentially, there is no difference between aluminium wheels and alloy wheels – the terms are used interchangeably. Alloy wheels and ‘aluminium wheels’ generally refer to wheels made from an alloy of various metals. These wheels are most commonly found on cars, motorcycles and trucks. Dr Wheels are here to offer rim repair services in Brisbane for all types of vehicles.

What kind of wheel damage Dr Wheels repair?

Gutter Scrape/Gutter Rash - from when someone else must have been driving! 

Bent Rims - from pot holes that appear out of nowhere after the rain!

 Bent Wheel - Before  Bent Wheel Repaired
Before After

Cracked Rims - that's the biggest pothole I've ever seen!

Before After

Missing Section Rebuilds - don't want to go there!

 Wheel with missing section  Missing Section Repaired
Before After

To book our wheel and rim repair services in Brisbane and the greater region, contact us today by calling 0408 993 761, or email us at [email protected].