REVIEW 16th July 2016

Outstanding is all I can say. Brenton did an amazing job on the rims for my XY GTHO. The original rims had been made up from two rims cut, welded and chromed to make a nine inch wheel by the original owner. Unfortunately the job was not a good one and the half's where out of center by 1.5 mm giving a bad vibration at speed.

Brenton had to cut the centers out without damage, we then purchased new barrels and had them chromed by A Class Metal Finishers in Adelaide who did a brilliant job. The work that Brenton had to do to build up the original centers without damaging the chrome was tedious and a pain but the outcome was exceptional. They spun up perfectly on the machine with the tyres to the extent that no weight was required. Our Tyre fitter here in Cairns was blown away.

The most pleasing aspect was the way the HO now drives. It is a different beast. This was all done in a very timely matter.
Thanks a million Brenton, will be recommending you to anyone who will listen.

Cheers James Dixon
16th July 2016

Dear Brenton,

I am writing to you to thank you for your time and effort repairing my rim.

After countless phone calls to wreckers to find a new rim for my car, you were my last option.

You made the process so simple and had my rim back to me the next day looking great!

Again, thank you so much for your help, and I will not hesitate to pass your details on!

Kind Regards,


Thursday, 9 July 2015

TO:     Brenton & Jacqui
           DR. WHEELS
           Unit 6, 9 Commerce Circuit
           Yatla, QLD, 4207

FROM: Keith Harris
           QLD, 4303

Dear Brenton,

I am writing to you to thank you and your staff for the work you have done on the rims from my 1997 Ford NL Fairlane.  For many years I have had an issue of persistent vibrations, though irregular in nature, in the front end steering of the vehicle between 98 and 105km/hr.

Over the past 6 years I have spent countless hours, and dollars, in perusing a solution for the cause of this continuing, and very annoying vibration. It seemed, at times, as if there was no end in sight to the problem or solution to be found.

It was after talking to my local garage that we decided to bring the rims down to your workshop in Yatla to have them checked out and machined true to specs.

What a difference a day makes.

After picking up the rims from your workshop they were taken to the garage where the same tyres were refitted to the rims. I remounted the wheels onto the car and, very hesitantly, went for a test run on familiar roads where the vibrations have been all too apparent.

It was a strange feeling driving a car that did not shake the steering wheel like a dog with a bone. It may sound surprising but I do find it hard to describe it, that is, the sensation of driving the car, at 100km/hr., without it shaking.

I look forward with delight to driving a car that is now, after your work, technical knowledge and skill, a pleasure to drive.

It was truly money well spent, possibly the best $500 I have ever spent. I will highly recommend you, your work, your company and staff to anyone I meet.

Kind regards,

Keith Harris
DipEE, ADipTh, BTh.

Monday, 24 February 2014