I need you to fix my rim but I can't get to Yatala!

We can freight your wheels from almost anywhere in Australia, using both local and national couriers. We have both trade and retail customers from as far away as Townsville, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin and Perth!

Do I have to remove the tyre?

Yes! We don't have the facility to remove tyres, so you'll need to get the tyres removed before you bring your wheels in.  The local tyre stores are usually very accommodating in this, as you'll need to buy tyres sometime down the track!   This is how we keep our prices as affordable as possible!

Is it legal to repair a wheel?

Yes!  Many of our customers claim the cost of the repair for their bent wheels, dents, cracked wheels and gutter scrapes from their insurance company, or from councils.  If it wasn't legal, they wouldn't pay!

How long does it take to fix my rim?

It depends on how busy we are when your wheel arrives in the workshop and how badly damaged your wheel is.  Most Wheel Repairs such as gutter scrape/rash, bent wheels, wheel dents or cracked wheels will take 1-2 days if we aren't busy, however it could be 4-5 days if we are busy, while repairing a missing section may take a little longer. 

If you need Wheel Modifications, such as drilling/stud pattern changes, machining the back pad or machining the centre bore, these are a quick job while others such as widening, narrowing or to changing the offset will take a little longer.  We try to do the work in the order that it comes in, to be fair to everyone!